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Principal Investigator

Professor Jonathan A. Fan

Jonathan was born in Columbus, Ohio. He received his BSE in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University in 2004, summa cum laude. He received his PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University in 2010 under the supervision of Professor Federico Capasso, and his dissertation focused on the optical properties of self-assembled metallodielectric colloidal clusters. He continued as a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Capasso until 2011. Afterwards, he was a Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow in Materials Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he researched epidermal-based stretchable electronics systems under the supervision of Professor John Rogers.

Awards and Honors

2018   3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award
2017   Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
2016   Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering
2016   Sloan Research Fellowship in Physics
2015   Air Force Young Investigator Award

Postdoctoral Scholars

Chenghao Wan

PhD. University of Wisconsin-Madison (2021)

Yu Wu

PhD, UCLA (2023)

PhD Students

Chenkai Mao

Electrical Engineering
BS, MIT (2020)

Dolly Mantle

Mechanical Engineering
BS, U of Texas at Dallas (2020)

Zhennan Ru

Materials Science and Engineering
BS, Zhejiang University (2020)

Robert Lupoiu

Electrical Engineering
BASc, U of British Columbia (2021)

Yixuan Shao

Electrical Engineering
BS, Nanjing University (2021)

Calvin H Lin

Electrical Engineering
BS, Stanford University (2019)

Sara Azzouz

Electrical Engineering
BS, University of Michigan (2022)

Ariana Hofelmann

Electrical Engineering
BS, Johns Hopkins University (2022)

Tianxiang Dai

Electrical Engineering
BS, Peking University (2023)

Connor Cremers

Electrical Engineering
BS & MS, Stanford University (2023)

Master’s Students

Charles Bai

Electrical Engineering
BS, UCLA, (2022)

Visiting Scholar

Seraina Leuthold

ETH Zurich

Faculty Administrator

May Varlaro